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Professional yoga instruction for beginner and experienced yogis.


Since 2008 I have been teaching both public & private classes to individuals and small groups of all levels. Classes have always focused on alignment suited to the needs of the students to help them reach goals and stay safe. I emphasized mobility over flexibility and strength without strain. 

Due to Covid-19 my teaching shifted online and by request only. I have spent the past few years in deep contemplation over the current and ever shifting state of Yoga, the realities of being an older teacher with my own body challenges and changes, and a shift in my view of the Yoga community that does not accept science, the role of white privilege, and the realities of very bad actors in our space.

If I decide to teach Yoga Asana classes again I will let you know. Until then, please take care of yourself, your family, and your community. Remember that Yoga is more than just poses and yoga pants. 

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About Me

My name is Kimma and I love teaching Yoga. It's the first job in my life that is the most rewarding, challenging, and meaningful work I have ever done. In a world where everyone seems to be a Yoga teacher now, I am unique because this is my only profession and not a side job or a hobby.

I have been "all in" since I took the leap of faith back in 2008 and my career as a professional teacher has been an adventure ever since. Before becoming a teacher my personal practice started back in 2000 with Hot Yoga and then moved on to more traditional formats when I discovered that there was more to Yoga than just sweat.

I continue to study with top teachers from all over the world whenever I can, however I can. I love sharing the new information I have processed and made part of my practice. I'm proud to be part of the new wave of body-positive, mature teachers who approach Yoga from a more informed, gentle, and supportive point of view.


I teach with a focus on functional movement and mobility vs. circus or contortion work. My body can not do everything and neither can yours and that it perfectly ok! We are here to maintain our health not to look like pretzels.


I have taught public and private classes in English to all levels of students with the goal of meeting their needs in the present moment. I have always offered customized classes for the students in front of me, not a processed & packaged set of poses. I've invested many years in my training and education to enable me to adapt in the moment to the needs of my students. Each class is structured to be difficult but doable. 

Learn more about me by following me on Facebook to keep up with my class offerings. You can also listen to me on episode 61 of The Connected Yoga Teacher.

Private Yoga Services

Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

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