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Another Yoga Blog. *Sigh*

Ok. Here is my blog. I have been reluctant to start blogging but here I am getting started down this path and I want to begin by stating clearly that I DO NOT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS.

I am not a guru.

I am a seeker.

I am as much a student as I am a teacher.

I am imperfect but I have a big heart.

I try my best but I make mistakes.

I am honest.

I believe.

So what am I doing here? What am I trying to accomplish with this online diary that I expose to the world to read? I've been giving this alot of thought and this is what I have come up with.

I hope that I am going to add value to the conversation of Yoga. Not the legging wearing, selfie taking, fancy festival going, it all costs so much money, aspects of yoga as has become the fashion today. And certainly not the (as my mother would say) "Hippy Dippy:, rainbows and unicorns, Yoga can cure everything banter espoused by young novice yogis drunk with the joy that this practice can bring in it's early stages. I am not interested in being the target of a JP Sears video.

I want to speak to the practice of Yoga as a path for life. A challenging practice that can change your life if you do the work. A practice that can take you deeper than the physical poses and make you question everything (more than once) and really think. It can help you to not think, to turn off the chatter and the noise of the world and teach you to listen. Really listen. Deeply listen. It can also break your heart (see I told you I am honest) because it is full of humans, with all their imperfections and baggage, and where there are humans there is also heartbreak.

So here I go. I am going to blog and open up the conversation to talk about the realities of this life choice and the ways it has helped me heal, become more spiritual (oh boy I can hear JP Sears mocking me now), get smarter about some choices and dumber about others, expose me to amazing places and people all over the world (some I want to see again and some I never have to see again), and how it keeps me coming back day after day no matter the challenges.

I hope you come back for more. I hope you join me in the conversation. And most of all, I hope I can be an example of how you can make this life path choice for yourself (no, not to be a teacher!) and incorporate the practice of Yoga a part of your life.




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