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A Return To Practice

On January 18, 2021 I finally started an online Yoga Asana class for experienced Yogis who have let their asana practice slip in 2020. The aim is to rebuild strength, flexibility, focus, and fun while everyone practices at their own pace.


Students can join live or be sent the private replay link. Below is class 1 for everyone to try out.

The cost is by donation because I am in a position to do this and I know that we are all facing different challenges because of 2020. Register for the live class using this link and pay what you can through my PayPal account.

Class 1: January 18, 2021

Beginner sequence designed to bring you through the standard poses, give you a bit of challenge, and hopefully be fun.

Remember to breathe deeply and consciously while practicing.

Here is a link to the practice written out.

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