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Sex And The Yogi

I believe that Yoga teachers are leaders in our communities and we hold sacred space for students who come to us for classes or teachings. A

Nope, I Can't Do That Pose. (And I Don't Care If I Ever Can.)

I will be the first to admit that it looks cool to get your foot behind your head or balance on your hands with your feet flying up behind you. I admire the shapes that flexible and strong students can make on their mats. But there is a limit to my marveling. I will always try out postures and take my time with the preparation but most of the time, my foot is not going to get back there (unless something breaks or rips). Some poses are just out of reach for me now no matter how much I try, or train, or strain, or meditate on it. Does this make me a failure? Should I turn in my Yoga teacher card? Do I need to go on some kind of fast to shrink myself down to some tiny size that looks like it w

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