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The Work Is Never Done.

So I've started taking Muay Thai classes here in Cascais at Flow. I decided I needed to take this on because it would: 1. benefit the students I teach at the gym 2. be a great workout supplement 3. be fun All of these things are working out to be true in just a few classes. I've already come up with improved sequences for my classes at the gym based on a better understanding of the students, my cardio requirements are now being met, and it sure is fun to wack things. Each class has been a challenge physically but with the support of a great trainer and super welcoming students I keep coming back for more. But there is something else has come up in training that I was not expecting. It's an

When The Place You Work Gets It.

This full time, professional Yoga teacher's life is hard. I fly without a safety net most of the time and that can be scary and difficult to manage. Some months everything seems to be balanced and easy and other months I wonder how I will make the rent payment. Having good people on my side is a HUGE part of how I keep it all together. This is what Sangha is all about. Sangha, together with the Buddha and the dharma (teaching), is a part of the Threefold Refuge, or Triple Gems of Buddhism and how we refer to community in Yoga. In Lion's Roar they defined it beautifully "A sangha is a community of friends practicing the dharma together in order to bring about and to maintain awareness. The es

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