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On a Mission To Add Quality Not Quantity

A Google search of the term "Online Yoga Class" will return a results list of about 8,220,000 results (probably more by the time you read this post). Of that data set there are about 2,710,000 results for videos.

2,710,000! That is alot of video.

Of course the content will vary in quality and value. So lets for the sake of argument (and to save me the time of sorting through over 2 MILLION videos) say that 10% are awesome. For me awesome means, well shot with good lighting and audio, quality instruction that delivers what the title describes (beginner poses for beginners), taught by an experienced teacher, and at a price that is fair. That still leaves us with 271,000 videos.

Now, the question I've been asking myself lately as I evaluate my Yoga Teaching Career and make adjustments for living and surviving in this field I love so very much is what other ways can I reach students and earn an honest living? One way is through online content delivery that I produce and sell myself but do I really want to add to the pile that is already out there? Do I want to be number 2,710,001? Will I even be able to produce something I consider awesome?

In Yogaworld we are fed a diet of inspirational quotes and ides that tell us to break free of our limitations. "Practice and all is coming" is a often repeated quote from Jois that goes hand in hand with teachings on how to slay all of our self limitations and be the best and the brightest version of ourselves we can be. There are books, websites, courses, and trainings all taylor made to help each and every one of us be the next big thing. For the most part I agree with the intention behind much of this and appreciate the positive message but when it comes to creating a career and living sometimes we really need to face our limitations and accept them. Not everyone can, or should, be President after all---am I right???

I've had students ask me to do online classes with them either live or recorded but the reality is we just can't seem to get the timing right to make it all come together. On top of that there is a host of technical challenges with space, lighting, sound, internet connections, playback devices, speakers, cameras, etc. that I just do not have the time, money, or bandwidth to tackle. I do not wish to just slap something together and hope for the best when there is already enough (some may say too much) out there. I have no desire to be a star and I do not want to divert energy away from my in-person classes that I am currently building here. Not to mention I would also like a personal life and to take my own self care advice and have a day off once in a while.

So in the middle of a down moment of reflection today when I felt the weight of this teacher's life weighing me down and a bit forced into making a decision I do not want to make I got a sign. A big bright beautiful sign via Facebook so it can't be all that bad after all.

A teacher I currently follow online because of the quality of her teaching and video production that keeps getting better and better is now offering an affiliate program! So I can pass along her 14-Day Yin & Yang Yoga Challenge as an affiliate and help students get the content they need and still help pay some of my bills while not adding to the quagmire of content that is currently out there.

So if you are looking for a quality, well rounded, 2 week online Yoga program, that covers both Yin and Yang classes sooner than I will ever be able to produce one then click through to the program with this link. If you decide to buy I make a commission and will feel good knowing that people are getting what they need.

I would not recommend something I don't personally believe in or use myself (like Jade Mats). And like I said, I am in no position at the moment to be creating my own videos or mats or props or clothes or anything beyond the classes, retreats, workshops, and malas that I pour my heart into every week.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for understanding.

Thanks for being part of the conversation.


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