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When "The Rules" Just Don't Fit

It would be an understatement to say that I am constantly bombarded with messages from a myriad of Yoga teachers out there who are all telling me that I need to take their training to learn how to be a marketing badass. The teachers sending out these invitations to wisdom are a variety of souls from recent college grad teachers who have never held down a corporate job and still get financial support from parents when needed or the stay at home teachers who are supported by a loving spouse and decided to teach Yoga because it looks fun. They seem to have all read the same websites, taken the same certified weekend trainings, and all tell me about the same "rules" for how to reach more customers and grow my Yoga Business. You know, the full time business I have had for 10 years in 3 countries with no supplemental financial support.

The rules they push are pretty straight forward. Have a website, have a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account (God I hate Twitter). Post photos and oh so inspirational memes (don't